Managing labor-related restaurant KPIs can’t be ignored. The industry has a notoriously high turnover rate, and the learn-as-you-go nature of training makes assessing the success rate of your onboarding a challenge. On top of that, you need to find a way to facilitate ongoing training for introducing new menu items, teaching upselling tactics, improving customer service, and more. Bites rose to the challenge, delivering innovative microlearning technology to optimize onboarding and training. Our platform incorporates traditional onboarding tips with modern learning technology.


The Significance of Labor-Related KPIs in the Restaurant Industry

Unlike fixed costs, your labor percentage can fluctuate. To stay within your financial plan, you must look for ways to optimize your labor spending. This can be achieved by exploring all costs that impact labor.

Labor-related sample KPIs for restaurant staff include:

  • Onboarding and initial training—it varies by the type of restaurant, but it costs anywhere from $1,700 to $5,800+ to onboard and train new restaurant staff. This includes standard operational procedures, dress code, food safety compliance, learning the menu, and more.
  • Upskilling and ongoing training—as your menu evolves employees will need to be trained on your new offerings. You will also want to share ongoing procedural updates and upskill employees. For example, cross-training and providing tips on upselling to increase check average.
  • Employee retention—at 76%, the restaurant industry churn rate is 1.5 times higher than most industries.
  • New content creation—training program content creation is often outsourced to third parties. While effective, it’s a significant investment.


The Impact of Training and Onboarding

Restaurant training can be a challenge as it’s a fast-paced environment. Fast-paced doesn’t lend well to quality training. While hands-on experience is essential, it’s also essential to provide foundational training to set each employee up for success. If onboarding isn’t comprehensive, new employees won’t feel engaged or prepared. This increases your churn rate.

Onboarding training is a KPI for the restaurant industry that is difficult to measure. Many restaurants don’t have formal training programs and those that do often assign new hires to sit and read a boring binder. If a quiz on the materials is provided, long-term retention rates are low. This lack of training to proficiency increases turnover rates.

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The Revolution of Microlearning in Employee Training

Microlearning can be utilized to accelerate your restaurant training program. It increases engagement and retention of the information covered. By setting new hires up for success it decreases churn rates.

Not just that, but the effectiveness and efficiency can deliver on other restaurant KPIs. For example, increased menu knowledge, upselling, and the overall customer experience.

Employees prefer e-learning to reading manuals and training binders as it’s far more engaging. It also visualizes many of your processes and protocols, and when done right—it makes learning fun.

While revolutionary, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply transfer your existing training materials to strategic digital learning modules. With Bites, there’s no need to hire an expensive videographer or e-learning development company. You can create your own content with the ease of creating a social media post!

Introducing Bites: An Innovative Training Solution for the Restaurant Industry

Bites is an innovative training platform, designed to provide measurable training KPIs for the restaurant industry. We meet the unique training challenges of deskless employees, including restaurant employees. It can improve the quality of your training while reducing training expenses by up to 64%!

Our platform is built on 4 key pillars:

  1. Content creation app—restaurants can create interactive stories, microlearning playlists, and automated communication in visually engaging social media style content that look similar to a TikTok or Instagram post.
  2. Advanced video editor—record short training videos on your smartphone and edit them to perfection within the Bites app. Our editing tools are intuitive and designed for novice video editors.
  3. Ease of sharing—login-free access that shares your bite-sized training through the communication channels your employees already use on a daily basis. This includes Slack, WhatsApp, LINE, and more.
  4. Employee interface—our platform doesn’t just push content to employees, but facilitates engagement through flashcards, slides, surveys, multiple-choice questions, group discussions, and more.

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How Bites Transforms KPIs for Restaurant Managers

When you assign reading as your primary source of restaurant training, it’s challenging to measure retention. With Bites, you can create and track content engagement and retention metrics. On average, our onboarding and training software has a 90% completion and engagement rate—which is significantly higher than traditional training.

The comprehensive dashboard provides in-depth analytics that can be used to enhance decision-making and deliver training KPIs for restaurant managers. For example, confirming familiarity with your menu, promotions, upsells, brand identity, procedural changes, and more.



Bites makes it easy for anyone on your management team to record video training clips on their smartphones or transform PowerPoint slides and existing training materials into interactive microlearning playlists.

Your employees will complete their onboarding feeling empowered to succeed, which delivers on a variety of KPIs. Continue to use Bites for upskilling and ongoing communication. Your personalized and automated training can be shared to ensure consistency nationwide and globally, and you can track engagement and retention to refine your onboarding experience.

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