Healthcare Training

Provide a higher standard of care within minutes

Keep providers, staff and patients up to date.

Make a Bite to update providers about new guidelines and best practices. Provide patients and families with vital information at key stages of the patient journey.

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Master core healthcare trainings whenever, wherever

Enable your employees to complete core healthcare trainings with short, engaging videos, at a time and place that suits them.

Bites lets you train your team efficiently, and effectively so that your team can worry less about training and concentrate more on providing great care. And you can always check the dashboard to measure your team’s progress and knowledge gaps.

healthcare device

Medical devices

Show staff and patients how to use a new medical device or piece of equipment. Create a short video showing how to use the equipment, then ask a question to make sure the recipient understood.

Demonstrate any process, whether it’s how to apply a bandage, a new medication regimen, or how to clean the clinic at the end of the day.

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