Retail & Visual Merchandising

When it comes to retail, we know the details matter

Create a Bite with a short video demonstrating how to sell a new product, do a customer demo, or set up a display.

Share with your employees and then use the dashboard to measure their progress and if there are knowledge gaps.

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Visual merchandising

Use our video editor to take a picture or film a short clip of how to set up a display. Ask a question to make sure the employees understood the layout. 

You can also enable staff to submit an image of their display which you can validate from the analytics dashboard, so you can be certain the display is accurately completed.

Key updates in real time

Update your employees about a new promotion, sale, or initiative. By integrating with instant messaging, Bites lets you contact your employees where they’re most attentive.

Showcase your product

Create a Bite showing off your product and share with leads wherever they are in your sales funnel.

Demonstrate any process

Quickly make a Bite to show employees how to manage inventory, log a sale, or close shop. A Bite can be about anything!

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