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Train your workforce easily and effectively wherever they may be

Provide construction training for your workforce with short, engaging Bites of content. Easily create training content using Bites creator app and share with your employees via the channels they’re already using. 

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Optimize routine construction trainings

Create a Bite or playlist of Bites to cover routine trainings. Then re-use the content as much as you need so that employees receive the highest quality training. Bites saves you time and money on routine trainings while making sure they’re delivered effectively, even when your team’s remote.

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Make training personal

Group users by role and location to provide training that’s relevant to their situation. Users can always visit their personal feed for a refresher and to access all the Bites they’ve received.

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Updates and notifications in real time

Share an update about a new project or regulations and reach your team where they’re most attentive. Bites enables you to create and distribute professional content in a quick and agile way. Check the dashboard to see employees really got the message. 

Bites for Construction - conversation

Get the full picture with image submissions

Ask employees to submit an image to make sure that a task is accurately completed. Verify images from the dashboard to make sure it’s complete.

Construction Bites

Demonstrate any process

Create a short video demonstrating any process to your team. How to use a new piece of equipment, log time, or lock up the site at the end of the day. Bites video creator makes training enjoyable and visual.

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