Food and Beverage

Better, faster, easier training for Food and Beverage employees

  • Create short, video-based training units
  • Send them directly to your employees’ devices
  • No logins, barriers, or friction – start now!
  • Create training one time, use it again and again
  • Say goodbye to slow, inefficient, and repeated training
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Training: How to carry 8 glasses at once!

Set your team (and business) up for success

Whether it’s first day training materials and onboarding content, or an update to the menu that comes up along the way, Bites makes sure your employees are well informed, well trained, and set up for success.

Bites meets your workers where they already are

(Hint: it’s their phones!) With a no barrier approach. Your team won’t have to download an app, login, or be onboarded to a new platform to get your critical training information.

Designed for the modern employee

Engaging content = engaged employees. Leverage the power of short, interactive videos and connect with your frontline employees where and how they best retain info.

Track progress and crush your goals

Get the full picture of your employees’ training, so you can identify and fill knowledge gaps, and set them (and the business) up for success.

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