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Explore the benefits of 7shifts and Bites integration

Enhance employee training for better, consistent, and engaged learning in the flow of work
benefits of 7shifts and Bites integration

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Seamless Training & Onboarding

Seamless Training & Onboarding:

Combine Bites’ innovative content creation tools with 7shifts’ efficient hiring and training capabilities to deliver engaging onboarding and ongoing training content right within your team’s scheduling platform.

Bites micro-learning units

In-the-flow Learning:

Utilize Bites’ micro-learning units (Bites) to reinforce training materials in line with 7shifts scheduling. This way, when a new schedule is released, employees can learn about any new procedures or promotions before their shift starts.

Simplified Login & Synchronization

Simplified Login & Synchronization:

No more managing multiple logins or disjointed user databases. With our integration, enjoy a seamless transition between 7shifts and Bites.

Compliance Reinforcement and Enhanced Communication

Compliance Reinforcement and Enhanced Communication:

Create engaging, easy-to-digest content by using Bites’ content creation tool within 7shifts, and reinforce compliance by generating easy-to-understand compliance information, complementing 7shifts’ compliance management feature.

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