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professional content

Easily create interactive training materials your employees will actually enjoy


Direct delivery via existing channels

Share key materials natively with your employees, using the channels they’re most attentive to.


Get the full picture with the analytics dashboard

Measure employee progress and completion rates to identify and eliminate knowledge gaps.

Create a story your employees can actually enjoy.

Instantly record a video or take a photo, and communicate with employees in the most engaging way.

Communicate with frontline employees on the channels they are already on.

Bites integrates natively so you can reach your employees where they’re most attentive, without the need for additional downloads or new apps to learn.

Track progress and ensure alignment with your goals.

Measure your employees progress, identify and address knowledge gaps and help them reach their personal best.

Helping companies transform training, onboarding and professional notifications


Train your workforce efficiently and effectively wherever they may be via the channels they're already using.


Create a playlist of Bites for onboarding quickly and easily.


When it comes to retail and sales, we know the details matter. Bites makes sure the job gets done right.

Consumer Goods

Streamline your operations, and optimize your workforce towards it goals.


Provide a higher standard of care by ensuring all frontline staff have access to the latest updates.

Helping companies, both big and small, reach their business goals


Bites can totally change the way you train your frontline staff.

Become more efficient and effective even when remote. Boost your team’s productivity while sticking to your budget.


Create onboarding playlists super easily with Bites.

Within 24 hours you can transfer your existing materials and share it with your new hires. Use playlists again and again, for even bigger ROI.

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