Manufacturing can be complex. Training doesn't have to be.

Train your workers with simple, engaging, and really effective Bites of content.

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Master core competencies

Help your employees to reach their potential with a playlist of Bites for core trainings. A playlist of Bites enables you to take a big idea and break it down into smaller Bites. You can re-use the playlist to make sure that staff receive the highest quality training in a way that’s efficient and convenient for them.

Manufacturing playlist

Personalize training

Group users by role and location to provide training that’s relevant to their situation. Users can always visit their personal feed for a refresher and to access all the Bites they’ve received.

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Optimize routine trainings

Create a Bite or playlist of Bites to cover routine trainings. Then re-use the content as much as you need so that employees receive the highest quality training. Bites saves you time and money on routine trainings while making sure they’re delivered effectively, even when your team’s remote.

manufacturing bite

Updates and notifications in real time

Share an update about a new project or regulations and reach your team where they’re most attentive. Bites enables you to create and distribute professional content in a quick and agile way. Check the dashboard to see employees really got the message.

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