Employee Onboarding

Get new hires up to speed faster

Create a playlist of Bites for employee onboarding quickly and easily. Bites lets you create a playlist with our creator app, or to transfer your existing materials (e.g. PPT) to short videos. New hires can be onboarded easily and quickly, from anywhere.

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Improve employee retention

Giving a great onboarding experience is an opportunity to make a great first impression. Give employees the knowledge they need to succeed early, and they’ll stay with you for longer.

Bites conversation

Make continuous learning part of your company culture

Employees can comment, ask a question, or provide feedback in the discussion section. This goes a long way to create a sense of workplace community even from afar

Bites for Onboarding

Foster workplace community remotely

Providing employees with key information ups their engagement. Being able to discuss it with colleagues makes it part of your company culture.

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