The only remote training solution employees actually get

Finally, a training solution that’s simple, engaging, and really effective.

Bites enables you to reach employees where they’re most attentive with the most engaging professional content.


A complete training experience designed for frontline employees

Get your employees attention with a short video, then test their knowledge with a question. Summarize with flashcards for a reminder that lasts, and finally, give them a chance to leave feedback or ask questions in the discussion.

A Bite can be about anything

Quickly create a Bite showing employees how to upsell a product, the steps to open or close shop, best practices for managing inventory, or simply how to clock in and out. A Bite can be about anything, which is why it’s the solution for all your frontline’s needs.

No onsite, no problem

Cut costs and reduce the need for expensive employee on-sites. Bites lets you rest easy in the knowledge that you can deliver on your training requirements even when it’s remote.

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