Compliance & Safety

Workplace compliance has never been easier

The most effective way to conduct compliance training.

Create a playlist of Bites for compliance training, then test employee knowledge with a question or quiz. Once you’ve created your playlist, you can use it again and again, saving you time on routine trainings.

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Compliance & Safety

No onsite, no problem

Cut costs and reduce the need for expensive employee on-sites. Bites lets you rest easy in the knowledge that you can deliver on your compliance and safety training requirements even when its remote.

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Embed a form or checklist

Easily embed a form or checklist. Bites lets you effectively execute these processes so you can focus on the next goal.

Bites analytics

Make sure your workforce is compliant

Use the analytics dashboard to see who completed the content and identify knowledge gaps. This way you can be sure that your workforce is compliant

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