The ultimate microlearning platform for the modern workforce

  • Create social-media style interactive bites of professional content
  • Multiple integrations: employees don’t need to download dedicated app
  • 90% completion rates vs. industry standard of 40%
  • Plug and play: frictionless implementation, start now
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Easily build microlearning units, and share in minutes

Personal, flexible, agile content creation. Use Bites’ story-like video editor to create your professional story or use your existing materials. Add AI features such as auto-subtitles or speech enhancement.

Then test your team’s knowledge with micro assessment tools such as short quizzes, and flashcards.

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Build a course with playlists

A playlist is simply a collection of bites covering a wider topic. Studies show this has a huge impact on knowledge acquisition and retention.

You can use playlists again and again saving you time and money on repeat trainings, like onboarding.

Modern Workforce

A mobile-first knowledge base for every employee

Share your training units via the existing channels your team’s already using, so they’ll actually get your business-critical content.

Bites integrates with WhatsApp, SMS, MS Teams or any other channel to create a professional environment that’s always near at hand.

Measure progress in real time

Get the full picture with the analytics dashboard/track progress and ensure alignment with your goals

Measure your employees’ progress, identify and address knowledge gaps and help them reach their personal best.

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