The sales department is the secret behind the success of a company. As a result, you will do everything to make sure the sales team performs at its best.

No wonder organizations spend $4.6 to train their sales employees for growing revenues. However, most sales training programs fail to deliver expected results.

In addition, 26% of sales reps feel their training is not effective. Therefore, business leaders need to tread the path carefully and chalk out the best route to implement learning.

In this blog, we will explore some proven sales training ideas to boost the performance of your sales team. We will also cover several important aspects of training your reps and how to go about the process.

So, let’s dive in without delay.

Interactive Sales Meeting Training Ideas

Every business should try to make training ideas interactive. It motivates your employees to grasp and retain information better.
Some of the best interactive sales training ideas include:


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are coming up as top trends for employee training.
Using these technologies, you can train your reps in real-life situations.

For example, you can create simulations where your reps try to convert a customer in a virtual world.

Video Learning

A survey of over 2,000 organizations found 74% of trainers use video for training employees. It can make learning fun and make your office full of engaged employees.

You can use solutions like Bites to record training videos from your smartphone. There is no need for photography or editing skills.

Simulated Cold Calls and Emails

Sales reps need to send cold emails and make cold calls to generate leads.
You can create gamification of cold calls where reps make the call and a trainer listens.

In the end, trainers rate calls based on different metrics like scheduling a follow-up or closing a deal.

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How does Your Business Benefit from Sales Training?

Sale training builds and enhances the existing skills of your reps. It improves their knowledge and how they handle customers.
Additionally, well-thought training ideas go a long way to foster behavioral change and enable your reps to close more deals.

As a result, sales training allows businesses to increase conversions. Their sales teams can attract, nurture, and convert leads with more success.

Therefore, a well-trained sales team results in a growth in sales. Along with that, you can also boost your revenues.

Sales Training Ideas

How to Improve Your Employees’ Results?

The skills and behavior of your reps impact your sales growth. As a result, it is essential to make an effort to improve learning outcomes.

Here is how you can enhance your employee’s results:

1. Determine the skills and information your reps need to master
2. Evaluate the existing skills of your employees
3. Identify the missing skills required to perform better
4. Consider the learning styles of your workforce and stay flexible
5. Plan your training program considering all the above nuances
6. Decide how you want to implement and deliver training
7. Use technology to make learning and materials accessible (like mobile learning)
8. Establish KPIs to measure the success of your training
9. Gather feedback from your reps and refine your program


Best Training Platforms for Your Employees

You can rely on a range of platforms to try your sales training ideas. Some of the popular ones are:

Zoho Learn: Zoho Learn is a learning management system (LMS) designed for sales. It comes loaded with features like collaborative learning and automation for the best results.

Allego: Allego is another wonderful choice for new employee orientation and training sales employees. The tool allows you to create custom programs by incorporating your customer insights.

Bites: Bites is the ultimate sales training platform. It is ideal for cafes, restaurants, retail, healthcare, and more to create short training videos. You can also share them easily through messaging apps and even track progress.

How does Sales Training Empower the Employees?

55% of sales reps don’t possess essential sales skills like empathy. Therefore, sales training is the foundation for your sales teams to perform.
It brings many advantages to the table, such as:

  • Empowers reps to handle leads and customers with adeptness
  • Improves employee engagement and morale
  • Boosts self-confidence and inspires reps to give their best
  • Makes them aware of different situations and nuances of interacting with customers
  • Helps get familiar with technologies they will use to work (like a CRM)
  • Allows your reps to close more deals of higher value
  • Improves employee satisfaction

 The Benefits of Employee Development

There are several benefits when you help your employees learn and grow. Some of the top advantages are:

  • It helps a business stay competitive
  • Allows them to attract top talents as professional growth is important to each employee
  • Nurtures a culture of learning where everyone feels valued
  • Helps reps adapt to changing markets and demands
  • Boosts the productivity of your reps
  • Helps employees align themselves with company objectives

In addition, employee development promotes diversity and inclusion. Everyone has the skills and attributes to excel in their careers and grow.

Employee Development

The Most Important Skills You Want for Your Employees

Converting customers is not the only skill a modern rep needs. They also have to possess a range of skills to be able to sell to customers used to an on-demand economy.
Here are the top sales skills to look for:

  1. Emotional intelligence to understand and convince customers
  2. Sound knowledge of products and services
  3. Awareness of customer pain points
  4. Ability to handle technology
  5. Managing conflicts and providing resolutions
  6. Prospecting and qualifying leads
  7. Self-motivated and proficient in handling pressure

Investing in Your Employees Is the Smartest Business Decision You Can Make

Bad customer service makes 82% of customers go to your competitors. As a result, investing in your employees is a basic step to ensure the survival of your business.
In addition, you can look forward to:

  • Happy reps and satisfied customers
  • Employees who give their 100% as they are appreciated
  • Your workforce shares and promotes your organizational values
  • Boost your brand reputation
  • Excellent customer service

How to Develop and Sustain Employee Engagement?

71% of business executives cite employee engagement as a priority to attain overall objectives. Truly, engaged employees make a business more profitable and boost productivity.
It also goes a long way to improve your revenues and bottom line.

How to sustain employee engagement during training?

  • Make training ideas interactive
  • Encourage discussions and group participation
  • Ask questions and arrange assessments after each chapter or module
  • Leverage interactive learning ways like videos and animations
  • Incorporate gamification and simulations in your training programs
  • Make the most of hands-on learning
  • Don’t provide any unnecessary training

New Employees Training

Businesses may need to train new employees alongside existing ones. Therefore, your sales training ideas should incorporate employee onboarding and orientation.

Additionally, start the training from day one and take care of the basics beforehand. You should also arrange a mentor for your new reps so that they have someone to approach in case of issues.

Here is a detailed guide on training new employees for sustained success.

Final Thoughts

A solid training makes your reps adept at converting customers. Use interactive and proven sales training ideas to leverage best practices and proven tactics. Additionally, refine your ideas based on feedback from your employees for the best results. Also, make learning accessible so that employees can learn even outside the office.

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