Before founding Bites, Eran owned multiple restaurants and oversaw the training for hundreds of frontline employees.

It wasn’t long before Eran realized something wasn’t working when it came to employee training.

So we sat down with Eran to hear how he came up with the idea for Bites and the pains he himself felt as a restaurant owner experiencing the inefficiencies of employee training.




Read on to get the full story:

As a restaurant owner yourself, what was the biggest pain point you experienced?


“I remember walking by two employees – one was training the other – and thinking that’s not the exact way I would train them myself. It wasn’t done properly. Definitely didn’t meet my standards. And on top of that, I was paying 2 salaries for that time … every single day.”


What happened next?


“Due to the short turnover of employees in the foodservice industry, I knew I had to find a better and more cost-effective way to train my employees. I started looking for the solution and didn’t see anything on the market that solved this pain”


“And… ?”


“So I created Bites to solve this exact pain and give any business owner or training manager the tools to train frontline employees better, faster, and cheaper.”


How does Bites empower restaurant owners?


“We’re all busy. The restaurant industry is extremely time consuming and there’s a lot of ongoing content we need to tell our employees –  new menus, new dishes, new holiday promotions & so on. But that content doesn’t have a long shelf life. So you have to always be constantly updating it. Bites lets you easily keep up with this fast pace.

It takes 7, 10 minutes max to create professional content once – and then share it with as many employees – in the format they enjoy most (engaging, short videos).

And most importantly, it was extremely important for me to create a product that’s super easy to use and allows anyone to create content wicked fast.

Bites takes away the stress of employee training & communication and gives much needed time, energy and money back to restaurant owners.:


Is Bites just for restaurant owners?

“Not at all! Bites is for any business that has frontline employees. We’ve seen some incredible case studies coming from retail chains, hotels, airlines, construction companies & the list goes on. Any company that needs to train and regularly update employees on the ground can extremely benefit from the Bites platform”

Taking Eran’s unique life experience and combining it with the strongest people, technology, & mission is what turned Bites from an idea to what it is today – the perfect training platform for any business. Learn how Bites can transform the way you train frontline employees.