Keeping up employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face. This is particularly true for big companies where the front-line workers can start to feel distant from the company’s core. Empowering employees through effective engagement can help companies deliver better service, ensuring that everyone involved gets what they’re looking for.

There are so many different ways businesses can improve employee involvement and go the extra mile to make real engagement happen. Here are some of the critical areas where your organization can step up your employee engagement and what steps you can take.

Making the Most of Onboarding New Employee Orientation

You want to make sure that you start things off on the right foot with new employees. That means that a company’s commitment to employee engagement needs to start from the beginning. Employee orientation represents an opportunity to ensure that each employee feels like part of a team.

One of the most important things that a business can do at this stage is let the new employee know a bit about the goals and vision of the company. What does the company stand for, why are they doing what they do? This contextualizes their employment not just as having a job but as being part of something bigger than themselves.

It’s also essential at this stage to lay a foundation for a genuine back and forth with your new employees. They need to feel that they can communicate with the company and provide honest feedback that’s actually heard.
By establishing that the company is open to genuine dialogue, you can increase employee involvement right out of the gate.

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Letting Employees Know Where They’re Headed and How Far They’ve Come

Growth is one of the most powerful drivers of employee engagement. Companies that demonstrate high employee engagement provide a framework for their employees to grow and be aware of that growth. By giving employees the means to track and monitor their progress, companies make it possible for those employees to understand how far they’ve come on their journey.

These principles can be applied at both small and large scales. Effective communication about career paths and potential advancement is essential, but this growth tracking can also be used on more short and medium-term levels. Even the typical employee training employees undergo can be contextualized within the larger framework to demonstrate definite progress and promote engagement.

No matter what kind of training is being carried out, there should be some record indicating that the employee has completed the training. Even seeing that they’ve completed any sample employee training video will have real meaning when given the proper context. By allowing employees to see their growth, companies can encourage an ongoing commitment to that growth.

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Getting the Method of Communication Just Right

There are many different ways that businesses can communicate with their employees, and they are far from equal when it comes to establishing employee engagement. The best way to ensure that the message is getting through, and that real dialogue is being created is to go to your employees on their terms. Companies need to understand how their employees like to communicate and why those methods work.

Of course, this comes down to the specific platform that you use to communicate with employees. Many workplaces develop unofficial communication lines that employees prefer over the official ones. However, companies can engage these employees more effectively by simply sharing through the platforms that they actually use.

Whether through text, messaging apps, or social media, the core message of communications can be delivered effectively if companies take the time to integrate these platforms into their communication. Updates and new content can be seen sooner and are more likely to be viewed by relying on these platforms.

The platform isn’t the only issue at hand, though. The format of any content you’re sharing with employees matters too. The content most likely to engage your employees will carry the same hallmarks that the content that engages them privately have. This means that any communication should have these features:

  • Video clips
  • Voiceover
  • Narrative progression
  • Short length
  • Interactivity

By going beyond antiquated communication methods like emails and calls, companies can leverage what modern technology offers for employee engagement.


Establishing a Foundation for Employee Engagement with Bites

Bites provides a versatile solution for onboarding, training, and communicating with front-line employees. It’s easy to make bite-sized videos that are truly engaging to your employees, making them that much more likely to really get what you’re communicating. Bites is a straightforward way for your company to keep up with the future of employee engagement.

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