Two phenomena had me thinking about the role of Bites as a platform for frontline employees onboarding training and professional communication:

First, there is the global trend of the ‘creators economy’, individuals who harness their creativity and aspire to become content creators, curators, bloggers, and videographers.

The second (I couldn’t avoid mentioning it) is the ‘great resignation’. Employees with infinite creativity are leaving their workplace to chase their perception of a better future where they can genuinely fulfill themselves.

New Hire’s First Day

I have not been able to stop thinking about how to help our customers deal with these two trends:

Employee Training – retaining talent and encouraging purpose?

The more I think about it, the more confidence I gain that the solution lies with what we have learned from one of our customers.

One of our early customers in Australia taught us an important lesson in content creation: Let your valuable employees create content, communicate to their peers, and make them a part of the logistics training cycle.

This Australian retailer uses Bites to communicate with his employees about the company’s new collections, visual merchandising, dress the mannequin and align all dozens of stores to create a consistent look across all shops.

The thing that really caught our attention with this retailer was how many content creators were involved in creating these bites.

Beyond the benefits of onboarding new employees with a clear video to real-life scenarios, the part of a fellow employee creating the content was 25% more engaging than a predefined professional video. In addition, the completion rate of employees watching the video peaked at 96%, and the discussion part had 30% more posts.

I must admit that it caught me by surprise.

New Employees paperwork is required

empowering employees – workplace communication skills on the job training methods

When we developed Bites, we had the content creators in mind as our power users, but we did not think about crowdsourcing or democratization of content creation inside organizations.

I believe that when this Australian retailer did this, it was the first time we really started taking employee-generated content (EGC) seriously and seeing how intuitively it corresponds with the era of the ‘creators economy’.

Ever since then, we continued developing our product with these creators in mind but we’ve also focused on distributing the ability to create professional content between as many content creators as possible inside the organizations.

compliance training regulation

A good story, a powerful platform, and a willingness to crowdsource are the secret sauce of any company that wants to create a workplace culture and empower its employees.

Our Product team is always on the look for new features that can connect current trends to the workplace through innovativetraining.

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