Compliance Training Template

Compliance training is one of the most important topics to cover during employee training and onboarding, but how can you make sure your employees are aware of all required laws and regulations relevant to their industry before starting their job?

Creating informative presentations is an outdated way to provide compliance training for employees, with low engagement rates and no ability for management to keep track on progress.

Instead of another dull training deck, deliver your content in Bites! You’ll be surprised to see how fast it is to convert the outdated compliance training content into a modern, easy-to-grasp format. It only takes a few minutes, especially if you’re using Bites free Compliance Training template.

There are different types of compliance training, and you might want to create separate Bites for each. Using a template to guide will make your work easier. You can follow the guidelines and ensure that you include everything necessary for employees to know. Our main purpose behind creating this template was to help you provide consistent compliance training to remote and on-site employees.

Our compliance training template is highly customizable which means that you can modify the text or the graphics as and how you wish. Visually engaging presentations will ensure that your employees pay attention. Simply click on the ‘Download Template’ button below to get started.