Microlearning isn’t just fragmenting content into small chunks, but it is about the creation of small microlearning as a way of transferring knowledge. The fundamental benefits that microlearning conveys:


Microlearning is effective due to its precision of delivering messages in a concise and impactful way. It leverages the learner’s attention and time very efficiently and does not overwhelm with information.


creating a playlist of learning material, microlearning can be leveraged to be used in different environments, accommodate individualized progress, and even can repurpose old material to suit the new format.

ROI driven

Overall, the short learning units of the Microlearning’s lead to shorter training times, the lower production costs lead to shorter development times, easier updating to more up-to-date training. The return on investment, that is, what you get for your effort, time, and money is greater than if your company relied solely on traditional e-learning methods.


Typically in a rich media format and short Microlearning is perfectly tailored to the needs of frontline employees.


Microlearning content is made to be easily consumed on any device, especially mobile and asynchronous. As an anytime, anywhere, demand-driven offering, microlearning is an extremely useful format.

Just In Time

Microlearning is designed for the moment when the employee needs the information. In this way, the learning opportunity influences the behavior of the team positively.

Microlearning best practices

Microlearning best practices

Microlearning is a term that encapsulates the essence of short and concise but it is not to be mistaken with the concept of “nano learning”. Microlearning is broad enough to be flexible and platforms that offer it need to keep it in mind when designing the tools to create, share, engage and optimize the technological platform should accommodate this. The playbook is simple: package your learning units into the smallest, most effective, and most appealing units possible. You can teach the four steps to be a better barista in a matter of seconds, and how to operate a medical device in a complex life-saving medical technique. The aim is to easily create courses for individual cases.

Laser focus is the best way to describe the creative process and although some processes need to have a longer learning approach, most of the frontline employee’s needs can be short and on the phone for their immediate learning. The initial plan can be a framework for the objectives and goals companies and managers are trying to introduce to their team members but breaking it down to simple, usable, and memorable modules is key to creating a successful employee experience. One of the best practices is to ask peers “How to make it more efficient?” and adopt a learning attitude: test what resonates with your employees/students and what they crave. Create a balance between microlearning and large learning units and consider the relationship between the two. Every company can define for itself what it means by microlearning and how long it should last. Your first step should be to find your definition.

Measurable benefits of applying Microlearning practices

Improving Employee Performance

Outstanding customer service goes hand-in-hand with a happy workforce. High-performing retailers depend on an engaged workforce with highly motivated, above-average productive employees who are not at risk of being poached. Engagement increases when communication improves, work preferences are taken into account, and processes are simplified using technical automation solutions

Increase Employee and Management Productivity

Leverage Bites to increase productivity, salesmanship, customer service practices, and efficiency by communicating the right content to the right people at the right place at the right time.

Minimize Exposure to Compliance Risks

A holistic workforce management process can drive the automation of time-consuming and error-prone administrative activities such as time tracking, labor policy enforcement, attendance tracking, and leave of absence. It is about more than just risk avoidance because reliable compliance ensures fairness in the workplace and thus promotes employee motivation.


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