Artificial Intelligence: Technology of the Decade

From real-time insights and autonomous vehicles to big data mapping, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the technology of the decade. Most recently, the Generative AI tool ChatGTP launched in 2022 and quickly reached 1M users within five days. In the professional world, more than 50% of companies report they have adopted AI in at least one way in their business. The potential to open up new opportunities for growth is undeniable and many sectors – from creatives to developers – have jumped in quickly to adopt the technology. As the manager of a workforce and business, are you leveraging artificial intelligence to increase your team’s productivity and reduce overall costs? 

One of AI’s greatest features is the ability to automate mechanical and repetitive tasks that take time and effort but are of no complexity. When it comes to customer-facing businesses and large organizations, attention to detail is essential and misalignments can be very costly. In this spirit, training and communications platform Bites has developed a new set of AI-powered capabilities that allow you to leverage the power of this technology to improve the quality and results of your training and communication processes.

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence with Bites

Bites are content capsules made for training and communicating with frontline workforces. A Bite is a microlearning unit made of four parts: a video, a quiz, a summary card, and a discussion board. You can use your device to record or upload training content in different formats – videos or PowerPoint decks for example – and add text and gifs to boost your Bites’ engagement rates with your employees. Flashcards summarize your Bites’ main lessons, and employees should be encouraged to follow up with questions and feedback for effective learning. You can also add your favorite songs and voice-overs to your Bite.

By sharing your Bites on the channels your workforce already uses (such as WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams) you can train your employees seamlessly and effectively. With smart analytics, you can collect data on views and quizzes, evaluate progress, and drill down into performance statistics. Bites empowers you to train and communicate with your employees in only a few clicks, and to use your content any number of times.

The Bites app also has a set of AI capabilities that work to improve each content capsule, ensuring that it is an effective and comprehensive professional microlearning unit. They will help you make your Bites more comprehensible, boost your training results, and save you time and money. They’ll also make your employee’s navigation of their training more manageable, which increases workforce satisfaction. Without further delay, let’s dive into each one of Bites’ features powered by Artificial Intelligence:

1. Automatic Subtitles Creation 

About 50% of Americans use subtitles “most of the time” when watching content and among members of Gen Z that number reaches 70%. You can save plenty of time (and effort) when creating new Bites as artificial intelligence analyzes the audio of your video and can automatically generate subtitles allowing your employees to watch their assigned training anywhere and at any time.

2. AI-generated Quizzes

The automatic creation of question, quizzes, and tests help you measure the effectiveness of your training efforts through interactive dashboards. Use these quizzes to help in content retention and progress evaluation. Track performances, make improvements, and boost your employee training’s effectiveness for quick results. 

3. Auto-generated Summary Cards

Artificial intelligence can also help you in the creation of summary cards that boost your workforce’s retention of content. Use automatically-generated smart summary cards – created based on the audio of and keywords in your content – at the end of every Bites to help your employees digest complex information in small pieces, ensuring enjoyable and effective learning experiences. 

4. Speech Enhancement Tools

 If you’ve recorded your training video in a loud and lively atmosphere such as a restaurant or shop, audio-optimization technology powered by artificial intelligence empowers the app to separate voice from background noise and in this way enhance the quality and clarity of your Bites’ audio. 

5. Cover Image Selection

An attractive and informative cover for your Bite is essential if you want your employees to keep track of their learning tasks in an organized and digestible way or to make your Bites look more professional. Bites’ artificial intelligence can automatically analyze a video and suggest a cover image based on its relevance and effectiveness. 

6. Automatic Title Suggestions

A catchy and memorable title is important so employees can easily find the specific content they are looking for when revisiting the rules and best practices of their job. AI can help with text analysis to suggest engaging titles that improve your organization’s training management and flow. 

7. Content Tagging and Organization

When managing complex learning systems with multiple layers of content, it helps to tag Bites in such a way that makes it intuitive for employees to search within a large library. Bites’ AI analyses the content you upload to a Bite and suggests tags that will make your workforce’s learning experience more navigable. 


One of the key principles for effective professional training and communications is engagement. As a matter of fact, a high engagement rate among employees can result in 57% more productivity, 21% more sales, and 10% more customer satisfaction. But we know routine processes such as onboarding are sometimes so frequent that they require some mechanization and speed, and that’s why Bites’ Artificial Intelligence can help you with automating some of the most important tasks in content creation for professional training and communications.

Make a Bite showing employees the correct way to clock in their time, how the house’s signature drink is made, or how to appropriately handle delivery items – a Bite can be about anything. Bites also have a catalog of industry-specific examples if you are needing some inspiration!

Train smarter, communicate better, and get better results with Bites, the training and communications platform for all your needs.

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