Imagine if one of your employees did not know how to properly package a product but was suddenly expected to do so. How would that affect a potential sale? Managers know firsthand that poor training can lead to situations unacceptable for any customer-facing business. Frontline employees represent almost 3 billion workers but are often overlooked and excluded from companies’ internal tools – only 13% of frontline employees feel engaged by their company’s communications. With Bites, companies have reached 90% engagement rates, compared to 30% for other similar tools. 

video training for frontline employees

Bites, “as if Tiktok and LMS had a baby”

Bites lets you create engaging training content that is both easier to make and to understand. A Bite is a (Gen-Z friendly and Tik Tok style) content capsule that can be shared with employees. Simply shoot or upload short videos with your smartphone, and add voice-overs, quizzes and discussion boards to train and communicate effectively with your employees. You can also add your favorite songs to your favorite Bites! Summarize Bites with flashcards for a reminder that lasts, and give employees a chance to leave feedback or ask questions. Track the number of views and completion rates, evaluate performances, and drill down on employee progress statistics with smart analytics. 

If you have complex but recurrent needs such as onboarding or compliance, use the playlist feature to link multiple Bites together and communicate big ideas while saving time and money on routine training and communications. If your business thrives from a loud and lively atmosphere, AI-powered features allow you to enable subtitles to automatically add captions to your videos and remove background noise from busy environments so audio recordings are crystal clear. 

With Bites you can train your employees in only a few clicks, and use your content any number of times. Create a Bite showing employees how to sell or prepare a product, the steps to open or close a shop, how to serve customers, or simply how to clock in and out – a Bite can be about anything. Bites also integrates with the channels employees already use such as Microsoft Teams to create a comprehensive training environment that’s always within reach. There’s no need for your team to download yet another platform, which is one of the reasons they will love training with Bites. 

MSTeams and Bites - Analytics

Using Bites on Microsoft Teams

If you work for a medium or large organization, chances are you use Microsoft Teams. In 2021, the platform gained almost 150 million daily users. With over 270 million current active monthly users, it is by far the world’s most popular employee communication tool. According to ​​Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, driving this change is the usage of third-party apps and custom solutions, which has grown by 1000% in the last two years. The Microsoft Teams and Bites integration is an essential tool for companies seeking to simplify and optimize their operational processes. There are four main features of the partnership between Microsoft Teams and Bites that make this tool especially valuable for effective employee training and communication.

  1. Accessible Knowledge Base and Content Management
    Managers can share Bites or playlists, and visualize or measure the effectiveness of their efforts through interactive dashboards. Track performances, make improvements and boost your training’s effectiveness for quick results. In their personal feeds, employees can always revisit old Bites for a quick refresher of best practices and rules. All of that can be done directly within the Microsoft Teams app, where you can easily search for and share content with your channels and chats.
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO)Connect with your workforce where they already are – no need for new app installation or logins to unfamiliar portals or websites. Any employee can use their Microsoft Teams one-time login to access Bites through the Teams app with zero onboarding. This means less friction, fewer usernames, fewer passwords, and less time spent setting up accounts.
  3. Seamless Integration – Stay in your comfort zone!
    When receiving any Bites, employees will be able to watch and engage with the content without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. Managers can record and produce digestible content using only a smartphone, and share it with employees on Microsoft Teams for engaging training that works.
  4. Share directly on Teams from the Bites platform
    Create your content on the Bites mobile or desktop apps and then share it directly into your personal Microsoft Teams chats and channels for a smooth end-to-end flow of knowledge. With the integration of the two platforms, all content created in the Bites app will become immediately accessible via Microsoft Teams.

msteams and bites

Making the most of corporate training and communication tools

Creating engaging training content is a must in the current times, especially as Gen-Z becomes increasingly present in the labor market. Engaged employees are reported to be 57% more effective, to generate 21% more sales, and to achieve a 10% higher customer satisfaction rate.  

Bites gives managers the tools they need to ensure uniform and effective training across all frontlines. By bundling Bites and Microsoft Teams, companies can now scale up their training and distribute their content to any number of employees working from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to boring, repetitive training sessions and high onboarding costs. With the Bites and Microsoft Teams integration, you can make sure your training is as good as what you are selling.

Bites is the training and communications platform for all your needs.