Employee onboarding is crucial for successful engagement and retention. There can be a lot of inconsistencies in onboarding and initial training, particularly in positions that are deskless. One way to streamline, simplify, and optimize training is with Bites. Our HR software has revolutionized the administrative process by facilitating interactive microlearning. Our software accelerates onboarding for you while improving your new hire experience.


Introducing the Power of Bites – How Small and Simple Interactive Content Can Significantly Reduce Onboarding Time

We empower businesses of every size to create “bite-sized” onboarding modules and initial and ongoing training. Your short and interactive learning modules (5 minutes or less) provide at-your-own-pace playlists delivered in high-engagement delivery methods.

Creating interactive elements is as easy as creating social media content on TikTok or Instagram, and can include:

  • Flashcards
  • Slides
  • Surveys
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Social-media style discussions
  • Videos
  • And more

There’s no need to start from scratch, as you can transfer your existing PowerPoints and training materials into designated playlists for easy and efficient onboarding. Create new videos from your smartphone and edit them with our intuitive video editor. No complicated technology required!


Don’t think interaction is key?

E-learning reduces training time by up to 60% and increases employee retention rates by up to 5 times. It also reduces training expenses by up to 64%!


Implementing a Comprehensive Strategy for Smooth and Successful Employee Onboarding

Onboarding isn’t to be underestimated. According to the job board Zippia:


  • Poor onboarding accounts for 44% of employees who turnover in the first 6 months.
  • 89% of employees who have a positive initial training experience enter the workforce feeling engaged.
  • 69% of employees who have a positive onboarding experience are likely to stay with the company longer.


Even with a detailed employee handbook and other printed materials, retention is typically low.

Implementing a comprehensive strategy that utilizes cutting-edge HR software solutions creates a smooth and successful employee experience.

With Bites, employees can complete their modules from their mobile devices at any time, either on-site or at their convenience. You can track their training progress, engagement, and retention.

Unlike other onboarding methods, the social-media style comments and discussion features connect your team like never before.


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Utilizing Technology-Based Solutions to Streamline Employee Onboarding

Once their new hire paperwork is complete, front-line workers must be trained in real-time. The success of their initial training varies greatly depending on who trains them. Once trained, most front-line workers don’t have a company email address. This makes it challenging for your organization to share ongoing updates. It also means employees may not have a convenient way to get their questions answered.

Bites software streamlines employee onboarding and training in a variety of ways. Our software is mobile-friendly and integrates with the communication channels your employees know and love. This includes Slack, WhatsApp, LINE, and more. Each module you upload is displayed in a visually engaging message feed, that looks a lot like a social media post.

Bites generates an impressive average of 90% engagement!

Use Bites to create a 4-step flow, including:

  1. An engaging Story
  2. Relevant Questions
  3. A Content Summary
  4. Group Discussions

Simple is better so don’t overthink it. Each video or story only needs to be a few minutes long.


Incorporating Interactive Discussions to Facilitate Employee Engagement

Unlike standard training, employees have multiple ways to engage with each module. Your Bites modules can be short, at 5 minutes or less. Sometimes 1 or 2 minutes is all you need. Engagement is built-in with interactive prompts along the way.

You can track progress on the dashboard, determining how many employees have viewed your new content. Reporting is built in to analyze retention and engagement. This informs you of your biggest areas of opportunity in your content, empowering you to revise your modules to prepare your new hires for success.


Evaluating the Benefits of Automation in HR Solutions for Easier, Faster Onboarding

Bites implements HR automation. It allows you to create a full-digitized or hybrid onboarding model that includes any combination of one-on-one employee training, group training, and solo e-learning.

Personalize your onboarding any way you like, which can include organization and position-specific training. You can also include safety and compliance modules.

With Bites, there’s no need to create unique login information. We seamlessly integrate with everyday mobile communication tools to ensure easy and login-free accessibility.

Once employees are trained, you can use the app to facilitate ongoing upskilling and discussions. Just like social media, employees will receive automated notifications when new stories or modules are added. Share with every employee regardless of their location in the world!

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Bites was designed with front-line and deskless employees in mind, but we offer a variety of industry-specific HR software solutions. We believe that simple is better, which is why our software is easy for both you and your employees to use.

Your employees can return to past stories, updates, and modules when new questions arise—and use Bites for ongoing discussions.


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