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Onboard pet store employees quickly and easily

Create your onboarding playlist once, use it again and again. Get new hires work-ready ASAP. Create a Bite showing employees how to:

  • Care for the animals and their habitats
  • Provide great customer service
  • Handle the cashier
  • Set up merchandise displays
  • Manage inventory

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Uniform training across stores

Share your video-based training units with staff across all your sites. Make sure all pet store employees have access to the right training regardless of location.

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Help your talent grow

Teach pet store staff how to train and handle animals and their habitats. Educate staff about your product offering and new merchandise so they can provide better customer service and sell more.

Interact with the animals

Interact more closely with your remote teams

Keep pet store staff informed about the best things that are happening in your company: Share Bites about upcoming events or show best practice tips for how to interact with the animals.

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