Bites for Food & Beverage

From new hire to skilled employee with just a story

Bites lets you train your staff quickly and easily with short videos.

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Bites for Food & Beverage

Save time and money on onboarding new hires

Get new hires up to speed quickly with a playlist of Bites. Teach your team new tasks such as how to use the cashier or the procedure to open shop with short videos. 

Employees can always revisit their personal feed for a refresher, and you can measure employee progress with the analytics dashboard.

Food and Beverage

Help staff master the menu or make the upsell

Film a short video walking staff through the menu, ask a question to make sure they understood the material, and summarize with flashcards for a reminder that lasts. 

Sometimes another beverage or dessert can make a big difference to your bottom line. Teach staff how to upsell a specific product with a short video. Interact with staff and answer questions in the discussion section.


Connect with your employees wherever they may be

With all the demands on your team’s time, it can be hard to find the time to complete training. Reaching your team with engaging content via the communication channels they’re already using makes all the difference. 

This way you can train and align your team across branches, to improve the level of service, increase their sense of belonging and reduce churn.

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