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Onboard café employees quickly and easily

Create your onboarding playlist once, use it again and again. Get new hires work-ready ASAP. Create a Bite showing employees how to:

  • Take orders from customers and provide great customer service
  • Prepare drinks and food correctly
  • Handle the cashier
  • Set up pastry and sandwhich displays
  • Manage inventory

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Video-based training units with staff

Uniform training across stores

Share your video-based training units with staff across all your sites. Make sure all cafe employees have access to the right training regardless of location.

Help cafe employees master the menu

Master the menu

Help cafe employees master the menu and update them about changes to specials and new product arrivals.

onboarding process for a new employee

Keep staff up to date with changing health regulations

Keep cafe employees up to speed with new health regulations. Show them how to safely handle food and interact with customers.

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