The following is a transcript of a conversation with Rich Bennetts, Managing Director of mentokc, a people capability and culture consultancy. 

Tell us a bit about you

We are people capability and culture consultants. We help businesses and organizations build positive and productive teams through bespoke learning and development experiences.

We work with a range of different teams and businesses, and with that comes a range of needs. 

What was the pain you were looking to solve? 

I had been talking to a number of people/businesses/organisations (we don’t like the term client) about bite-sized and micro-learning, user-generated content, and getting as close as possible to the action. 

The pain points with the traditional learning approaches were that they tend to be relatively generic. Traditional solutions don’t take into account the nuances of geography, experience, or sub culture present in a team. We were looking for a solution that enabled us to engage with our team in a bespoke and targeted way.

What was the previous way you were handling this? 

The previous approach was very much within the traditional context of generalised content. This is perhaps more about compliance than actual human or team development. 

What was the impetus to start working with Bites now? 

The impetus for this solution came out of the discussions with individuals in leadership positions, understanding what problems they were facing, and finding suitable solutions that were cost effective. More importantly it’s about helping people to learn and develop. 

What about Bites made it the solution you were interested in?

The platform is amazing and very much ticked a number of boxes, namely user-generated content, microlearning, ease of use, data and analytics.

However the most interesting factor about Bites for me is the people. The follow-up and customer service is amazing and not “salesy” which I greatly appreciate. 

What are your plans for the tool?

I plan to use the tool within my business internally as well as in my consulting work. 

With organisations that are remote or hybrid teams, I would recommend Bites as software to use, alongside their traditional toolkit in learning and development, compliance, and onboarding. 

I also see Bites as a great way to follow up with individuals and teams that we mentor or have coaching conversations with. So, we’d add Bites into our traditional people development approach. I feel that sometimes a follow up document or email can be a bit cold so the ability to record a short clip, create a Bite, and send it in little to no time is very compelling. 

Who do you expect the content creators to be?

The potential for distributed content creation is huge, as the software makes it so easy. A more apt question may be who couldn’t be a content creator? 

Any concluding remarks? 

Bites is a very powerful cost-effective platform that I can see having a massive impact on the work that I do with people/businesses/organisations. More importantly, the people I interact with at Bites are amazing.