Before founding Bites, Hagai Horovitz worked as an L&D professional in the SAT prep industry for over 15 years.
While developing hundreds of training programs for his job, Hagai realized that there was a gap between teachers and learners – especially among Gen Z and millennial students.
This pain point eventually led Hagai to lay the foundations of what Bites is today – a learning and training platform that’s transforming how businesses approach employee training, communication, and development.

What led you to found Bites?

“Before starting Bites, I worked in the SAT prep industry as a L&D professional for over 15 years. I spent a lot of time developing training materials which eventually led me to notice and understand the pain of delivering professional information. I discovered a gap between the teacher and the learner – especially in Gen Z crowds.”

Hagai Horovitz

What happened next?

I searched for a solution that would bridge this gap. And I quickly realized that all of the existing solutions on the market were not a good fit. They were complicated, heavy to implement and difficult to use. None of them were tools I could use while sitting on the train to work – and I’m very tech savvy. After investing tons of time trying to adopt all kinds of solutions, I realized nothing was working. Nothing solved my pain point. So I went and created my own :)”

Tell us how you built Bites?

“The first steps of developing and designing Bites began with incorporating the opinions of actual trainers, learning professionals, and frontline employees – we wanted to ensure Bites addressed and solved the pain points of real people. ”

Why is Bites different?

“Bites focuses on simplicity. The Bites platform makes it extremely simple to take the idea that’s in your head and turn it into an engaging piece of learning or training content. And the content itself is simple, too. Which makes it much more effective for the learner.”

Where do you see Bites heading in the future?

“You know when you want to look something up online and you use the word ‘Google’ as a verb? I see ‘Bites’ becoming a verb when you want to send a piece of professional content to a team member or employee.”