Sometimes one question just isn’t enough to test your team’s knowledge. Easily create a multi-question quiz to test your team’s knowledge.

How to make a quiz

First, go to Playlists > [select the + icon] > Quiz.

You can include an intro at the beginning of the quiz to brief your team: create your professional story as you would with any other Bite, or upload an existing file.

Then you can add as many questions as you like. You can still choose from the original question types:

  • Open ended question
  • Multiple choice question
  • Survey

Once you’ve created your questions, you can re-reorder the questions.

Quiz ideas

  • Onboarding: Make a quiz for new employees. Pass the quiz and you know they’re ready to start working!
  • Visual merchandising: Make an open ended question asking employees to submit a photo showing a task is perfectly completed and see results in the dashboard.
  • HR survey: add 3 survey questions to gauge your team or customers’ satisfaction. Have an open ended question to collect feedback.
  • Mix it up: add a multiple choice question, survey or open ended question to get the information you need!