Check out these improvements we’ve done to make your Bite creation process even smoother:

A simpler way to make some final tweaks to the text, GIFs, and other effects you added to your professional story

With just one click, you can polish and improve everything you previously added to your Bites video.

1 – Create a new Bite Create a new Bite

2 – Click on “Previously created videos” 

Click on “Previously created videos” 3 – Now you’re in your drafts folder! Here you can find all videos you ever created in our app (using your current device). 

Now you’re in your drafts folder!

4 – Select one and edit as you prefer!

Select one bite and edit as you prefer!

There’s more:

– A revamped design to simplify the process of creating and editing quizzes

–  Trimming videos with a better experience:

  • The play button was moved to the bottom of the video
  • The Split, Crop, Rotate and Delete options are only available if the video has been selected in the timeline.