Onboard your employees quickly and easily

Create your onboarding playlist once, use it again and again. Get new hires work-ready ASAP. Create a Bite showing employees how to:

  • Make sure equipment is in the right place and well maintained
  • Clean the site and lock up at the end of the day
  • Teach new exercises
  • Provide great customer support
  • Handle the cashier and other systems

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Create a professional story

Teach new techniques and share personalized workouts

Create a Bite showing employees how to teach a new exercise or technique. Create a personalized workout for your customers.

Reach your employees

Communicate interactively with your community

Create a Bite updating customers about an event or activity. Collect their feedback with a survey or interact more closely with them in the discussion section.

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Uniform employee training across sites

Share your video-based training units with staff across all your sites. Make sure all employees have access to the right job training regardless of location.

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