What's a Bite?

A FOUR step full learning experience! Try it for yourself!

  • 1. Story
  • 2. Question
  • 3. Summary
  • 4. Discussion

Train your frontline employees with engaging short video stories

Using bite-sized visual content based on video makes conveying your training story easy and accessible to all employees.

Record quick videos using your phone or convert the content you already have into video content.

Bites question

Test their knowledge with a question or quiz

After viewing the professional story, a quiz or question reinforces understanding of the training content.

Create multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, surveys, or even submit an image for a manager to verify from the dashboard.

Bites flash card

Summarize with flashcards for a reminder that lasts

Following the question, synthesize the most important points with flashcards, a key step for maximizing knowledge retention.

Embed a link or an image within the flashcard if you need to take employees to a landing page or share an infographic.


Bites comments

Start a professional discussion

To close out the Bite, discussions let you gain valuable feedback, create a community, and interact more closely with your employees.

Employees can post their thoughts about the training content, connect with colleagues, and ask questions.

Communicate with your team in the language of now

Play this Bite
Bites' Story-like Editor

Create your professional story with Bites' story-like editor

yellow icon

Shoot a clip with your smartphone

orange icon

String clips and images together, weave and reorganize scenes effortlessly

green icon

Add text, filters, and gifs to communicate clearly with your team

Slow-motion, fast-motion

Talk your team through your Bite with easy voiceover

A complete learning experience for frontline employees

Being ‘story-like’ and intuitive gets rid of the need for employees to onboard.

Plug and play: the mobile nature of instant knowledge sharing means there’s no need for lengthy implementation processes.

Microlearning, or learning through focusing on 1 or 2 Bites of information, is the most effective way to teach employees who are time-pressed.

orange ball
yellow icon
How to wrap a gift playlist


Playlists let you take a big or complex idea and break it down into small digestible bites. Studies show that this has a huge impact on knowledge acquisition and retention.

A playlist is simply a group of Bites, so you can make a playlist about anything such as a playlist for onboarding, compliance, or sales enablement.

You can use playlists again and again, saving you time and money on repeated trainings.

purple ball
Bites Playlist

Personal feed

Your employees can access all the Bites they’ve received in their personal feed, so they can always revisit a Bite for a quick refresher.

youtube play
Bites quiz

Checklists, links and forms

Bites lets you embed a form or ask employees to complete a checklist. You can also add a link in the flashcards or discussion section to redirect your employees to a web page.

Share a Bite with your employees on the existing communication channels that they’re already using

Integration with familiar channels

Bites integrates with instant messaging channels, so your employees don’t need to download another app to engage with your content.

Plug and play

One-time registration + integration with instant messaging = frictionless implementation. Create and share your first Bite today.

Reach your employees where they’re most attentive

Bites integrates with the familiar channels employees are already using to create a comprehensive training environment that’s always near at hand.

Share your Bites via the familiar channels employees are already using, and they’ll complete their training inside MS Teams, WhatsApp, SMS or any other channel.

There’s no need for your team to download yet another platform, which is one of the reasons they love training with Bites.

Manage progress and identify knowledge gaps with the analytics dashboard
Bites analytics

Customize views to get a high-level snapshot, or drill down into the details.

The dashboard has all the information you need to get the full picture. See the number of views, completion rates, user performance on quizzes, or drill down on employee progress by role, region, country, line manager etc.

Bites Analytics

User management

Create user-groups to control content distribution and permissions.

Export data easily

Easily export the dashboard’s data to a CSV file.

Access the dashboard from anywhere

Access the web-based dashboard from any device.

Make sure the job is done right

Employees can take a picture of their work with their smartphone and upload it directly within a Bite.


Use automation to ensure completions of tasks. Send notifications or Bites based on pre-set criteria.

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