There has never been a time as unpredictable and challenging for your business as now.

There are operational difficulties resulting from the pandemic which no one could predict, or prepare for. And to make matters worse, your ability to prepare and interact with your workforce has also been restricted.

This is as double whammy. You’re facing unprecedented challenges, and your ability to rally the troops to face them has been severely limited.

As a manager, how do you inform, align, and activate your frontline workforce to deal with the hurdles of the day?

Sadly, existing solutions have let you down. Do you have time for a 6-month implementation process? Do you have the resources to hire external suppliers to create digital content? Do you have time to mess about with a learning management solution that no one’s going to log into anyway?

No, you don’t. You’re missing that one-stop shop that lets you wake up in the morning with an idea, and by end of day make sure that your team has the information and plan necessary to realize that goal.

So we ask again, “as a manager, how do you inform, align, and activate your frontline workforce to deal with the hurdles of the day?”

The ability to inform, align, and activate your workforce on a daily basis has never been more necessary. You need a solution which is simple, agile, and really effective. You need Bites.

Since they discovered Bites, our top customers have been making an average of 3 professional bites a day to direct their workforce in the struggle of operating an effective business in the covid-19 era.

What’s a bite and how does it solve the problems you’re facing?

The bite is a new format of professional content that lets you reach your business goals again and again. It’s the most effective and engaging way to interact with your workforce.

Bites lets you create engaging content with the same ease of making a story on social media, and share with all your employees through the channels they’re most attentive to.

We integrate natively with the familiar channels employees are most attentive to for work (SMS, Slack, MS Teams, WhatsApp etc.) so that you can be sure your employees actually get your content, and there’s no implementation or onboarding process.

You can also get the full picture of your workforce’s progress and knowledge gaps by using the dashboard. That’s why our bites consistently get completion rates of more than 90%, and our customers use Bites daily for training, communications, and much more.

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