Deskless employees make up 80% of the global workforce. Whether off-site or on-site, your frontline workers are in motion. This presents unique operational challenges for ongoing upskilling. The Bites media-based platform is designed to address these challenges by providing a revolutionary employee training solution. 


Understanding the Basics of Operations Management and How it Can Boost Your Business

Operations management is a strategic method of streamlining and optimizing your internal processes. Change is inevitable in business. Technology evolves, consumer needs evolve, employee needs evolve, business fluctuates, and competition is increasingly global. What works today won’t work long-term, so your approach must be agile and scalable.

Boost your business by creating 5 step operations plans that include:

  •   Planning—identify your current areas of opportunity, how they can be solved, and your operational KPIs.
  •   Organizing—map out strategic processes for communications, operations, and every stage of service and product delivery.
  •   Analyzing—leverage data, analytics, and integrated technologies to analyze operations, identify trends, and alert you to bottlenecks.
  •   Optimizing—fine-tune and continually evolve operations based on current data, trends, and pain points.
  •   Training—train your team on new technology, safety  training protocols, communication protocols, process refinements, and more.

The more efficient your operations, the better you serve both your internal and external consumers.


Set Clear Goals for Your Team and Measure Progress Regularly

Once your company operations are defined, refined, or fully updated you must train your team to proficiency. Training should be measurable, including clear and specific employee, team, and organization-wide goals. Achieving these objectives is easier said than done.

 Even when operational bottlenecks and areas of opportunity are identified, ongoing training requires time and resources. With deskless employees, it’s difficult to identify a time and space to train that doesn’t disrupt operations.

With Bites, you can create training materials and multi-step modules and share them with employees directly to their smartphones. Our platform integrates with existing communication channels, including Slack, WhatsApp, and LINE. The interface is as easy to use as a social media platform. We don’t just save you the time of scheduling training for your frontline employees, but we reduce training costs by up to 64%!

Training can include any combination of:

  •         Short videos
  •         Flashcards
  •         Slides
  •         Surveys
  •         Multiple choice questions
  •         Social-media style discussions
  •         Links to e-sign paperwork
  •         And more


training workers

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Establish Effective Communication Strategies to Keep Everyone on Task

Any changes to your current business operations come with a learning curve. In fact, production/throughput may slow down during the transition phase. This means that once your new process or protocols are in place, you must keep the lines of communication open.

 When employees have questions, emailing the training department, human resources, or direct manager remains an option. However, the volume of incoming emails post-training can be high. The Bites platform provides your team with a self-service means of ongoing communication. We don’t replace the ability for employees to email you directly, but Bites is a more convenient means of communication. It also streamlines and simplifies your communication by adding your response to group discussions.

 Create and share an ongoing and searchable list of FAQs and enable team members to ask questions and participate within ongoing discussions. The discussions populate in a company-wide feed, with discussions that look just like a social media post. Team members can also revisit their Bites training any time they need a refresher.


Develop a Plan for Increasing Efficiency Through Automation

In addition to creating new training materials in Bites, you can schedule automated notifications. For example, if you’re transitioning out of your existing operational processes in phases—you can preschedule checklists and reminders.

By pushing notifications directly through the Bites app, you achieve an average of 90% engagement rate. This is significantly higher than email open rates, and due to our interactive features, generates meaningful engagement.


Leverage Data and Analytics to Monitor Performance and Identify Bottlenecks

Operations management isn’t complete without mining data and analytics to refine your processes.

 You must continually:

  •         Monitor performance
  •         Identify bottlenecks
  •         Streamline and automate
  •         Identify areas of cost-savings
  •         Explore ways to boost productivity


Bites provides a comprehensive dashboard and in-depth analytics to help you monitor performance. Once areas of opportunity are identified, you can tailor your training efforts accordingly. Even if it’s a quick graphic design or 30 second video, retention rates skyrocket with visual engagement.


Revolutionize Employee Training With the Bites Platform

Once your upgraded operational plan is in place, you can utilize the Bites platform to create employee training. This includes company-wide, department-specific, and skill-specific training modules. Our platform is intuitive and as easy to use as a social media app. Anyone in your organization can create and share content with ease!


Our platform includes:

  1. Content creation tool—create interactive stories, microlearning playlists, and automated communication. Your content will look similar to a TikTok or Instagram post.
  2. Advanced video editor—record short training videos on your smartphone and edit them to perfection within the Bites app. Our editing tools are intuitive and designed for novice video editors.
  3. Automated sharing—login-free access that shares your bite-sized training through the communication channels your employees already use on a daily basis. This includes Slack, WhatsApp, LINE, and more.
  4. Employee interface—our platform doesn’t just push content to employees, but facilitates engagement through flashcards, slides, surveys, multiple-choice questions, group discussions, and other engaging media.


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