Training employees will improve loyalty and productivity. Therefore, you should apply the necessary resources to employee training platforms.

When frontline employees are properly trained, the results are seen in higher productivity levels and better job ethics, which eventually lead to more revenue for the company as well as a better working environment.

If you want these things in your workforce, you need to invest in a reputable employee training platform.

In this article, you will get a clearer understanding of modern methods and the steps you must take before you can enjoy all the benefits that come with employee training and engagement.

The basics of employee training

Any program that is designed to enhance employees’ skills with the aim of making them better at their job can be called an employee training program.

This program is usually periodic, and each new session is updated with trends from the industry.

In order to build efficient training programs for your employees, it’s important to keep up with employee training best practices and trending tools like employee training software and mobile training platforms.


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How to create an employee training program

For a great training program and a strong, well-trained team, follow these simple tips to create an effective training program.

  • Study your team’s structure and determine your goals.

Before starting a training program, you need to assess your team—who they are, how experienced they are, if they have access to a desktop or a mobile device, what would be their ideal learning technique, etc.

This will allow you to develop and target the right goals and separate them into long-term and short-term goals and assign a key performance indicator (KPI) to each.

Ask yourself if you’re going to have in-person training or virtual/online training. It’s recommended to combine both on-the-job training and digital training for a quick and effective process, but keep the in-person training as limited as you can, as it’s time-consuming and not as effective as you’d think.

With in-person training, you’ll build a personal connection with your new hires, although it may be time-consuming for both of you. Don’t give up on it, but have your in-person training be concise and supported by ready-made digital training content.

Online or digital employee training should be the core of your training plan and, among other things, include the topics covered in the in-person training.

where they are at a given time. People can also learn with their mobile devices and relive the training experience by going through the recorded versions again.

  • Make the best use of training tools.

Right now, employee training software is a necessity in every sector, with over 73 million LMS (Learning management systems) users worldwide.

When you are planning your training program, consider the available, up-to-date solutions that can fit your needs best.

There is no point in using older classroom methods when flexible options are available.


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What to consider when choosing a frontline employee training tool

  • Ease of content creation—consider the person creating the content and their needs for a smoother process.
  • Implementation time – when do you want to get your plan live?
  • Employee access to their training content—if the training plan is for frontline employees, it must be accessible on mobile as they probably won’t have access to a computer.
  • How to monitor progress and evaluate the success of the training program
  • Finalize your plan.

Now that you have your goals and a suitable plan in place, finalize it by going through the plan again.

Start by checking the goals and comparing them with what you need more from your team.

Take a look at the training materials, deadlines, support system, training tool of choice, and success metrics you have put in place. Make any necessary changes to your plans, and you’re ready to go.

How to increase employee engagement

Here are a few strategies to increase employee engagement:

  • Provide opportunities for career growth.
  • Reward top performers.

When recognized for their efforts, employees will be encouraged to do more. When you notice someone performing above average or making a noteworthy effort, you can reward them with cash, a day off, paying for their professional exams, or even a simple shout-out in the team meeting or communication channel.

  • Encourage honest feedback.

If you are still wondering how to increase employee engagement, try this: give honest feedback. Mobile training platforms can make this easier—as employees get to ask questions and receive feedback immediately.

What can you benefit from using Bites employee training software?

Alongside top-notch customer support, using the Bite mobile training platform will create

The employee training app’s tools like video editor, flash cards, and the ability to add questions to the training enhance interaction and keep employees active since they will all feel involved.

One simple, yet powerful benefit you get from Bites is that it encourages people to participate in the training. For example, employees could be absent from in-person training and may even find it disturbing to download a new work app.

This is where Bites comes in. Since it integrates with your regular instant messaging apps, frontline employees won’t need to go through logins. So you can increase employee engagement without any inconvenience—not even one as small as a fresh login.


When it comes to employee training, it is always better to keep things short and to the point because of the short attention span of frontline employees nowadays. It’s recommended to choose a platform that is designed to boost the value of your employees with modern, short-form content—microlearning using a mobile-first learning app can be an ideal solution.

Request a demo from Bites to get a clearer picture.