MS Teams

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is the perfect platform to share Bites for onboarding, training and all your professional content needs

Use Bites story-like creation tool to easy and quickly create professional content and share it directly via MS Teams.

Employees can search, access and view all their training content without leaving their natural workspace on Teams, so there are no additional downloads or tools to learn.

Bites on MS Teams vastly improves communication, collaboration and training with a highly engaging user experience.

MS Teams Native Functionality

Within MS Teams, users can easily share a Bite to the relevant channel to create a professional training environment.

Bites video native to MS Teams

MS Teams Bots

Search for training content using the Bites Bot from within the MS Teams chat to easily access specific Bites for a refresher.

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Personal Dashboard

The Bites personal dashboard creates a personal feed for each employee and centralizes all the Bites in a single location.

MS Teams Bites feed

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