Bites is the Modern Employee Communication and Training Platform

Focused on frontline, flex and permanent employees, Bites is the best fit for family entertainment and attractions companies

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Your frontline employees have short attention spans and are used to getting their content in quick, engaging videos – think Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.

  • Short form content
  • Self-generated
  • Social media style
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Share the Bite with your team on the platforms they’re already using, whether it’s messenger, WhatsApp or any other communication platform.

  • No onboarding
  • No installation
  • No learning new platforms
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Get the full picture with the analytics dashboard.

  • Who opened a Bite
  • Who answered questions
  • Who left a comment
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Use Bites to:

  • Onboard new staff with short TikTok/Instagram like video content they can view in the field
  • Train and retain seasonal workers with repeatable, staff generated content
  • Send push notifications to the team on the ground keeping them up to date during the day
  • Communicate easily with different kinds of employees: flex staff, students, freelancers and permanent employees

Easy to Create

Get the team to create short, authentic TikTok/Instagram style videos from their phone, or use a more traditional ppt, picture or any other content. Content creation becomes simple, fast and cost effective.

Add a summary or quiz to validate the team understood the content and an optional discussion area for questions and comments.

Easy for your team to consume

Reach them on the apps they’re already on, on the home screen’s precious real estate through the social, mobile or corporate apps that they are already using. WhatsApp, iMessage, Slack, MSTeams, Discord or any HR/corporate app you’re comfortable using.

Bites analytics

Easy for you to track

Get complete analytics on who viewed the content, confirmation that they understood it, and whether they had any questions or comments.

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