Webinar: (How to) better communicate with your Gen Z employees

    Join us on Wednesday, December 14th, at 11:00am EST

    In this free webinar, we’ll cover best practices and real-life examples on how to improve employee communication with your Gen Z teams. Walk away learning how to implement communication tactics that’ll engage, prepare, and train your staff more efficiently.

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    What we’ll cover:

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    Location, Location, Location

    How and where to distribute professional content that gets your message across while still engaging employees

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    Less is more

    Why less communication platforms can yield more effective results in today’s world

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    It’s all about content

    The why, how, and what of crafting professional content for Gen Z audiences

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    Leveraging your Team(s)

    How pairing Microsoft Teams and Bites can supercharge your communication strategy today


    Hagai Horovitz

    Hagai Horovitz / CIO & Co-Founder of Bites

    Hagai has over 15 years experience in the learning & development world, including many years of teaching standardized testing prep courses. His time spent within the educational world led him to develop and nurture a deep expertise in crafting digital educational products including backend development and UX/UI design. With his background in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hagai’s interest in how technology intersects with training and education drives his product and technology strategies in whatever project he takes on.

    Tal Nagler Almog / COO and Co-Founder of Bites

    Tal has over 15 years of experience in the Learning and E-learning fields including ideating, developing, and bringing multiple education products to market.

    As the former Head of Standardized Testing at a big private school, Tal was always focused on crafting educational content that was both relevant to and leveraged social media & content trends for younger generations.

    Swastik Das - Microsoft Teams

    Swastik Das / Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

    Swastik Das is currently a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, focusing on Microsoft Teams’ ISV Ecosystem for the MEA Region including Israel. Prior to working at Microsoft, Swastik has extensive experience in Product Management at companies like PayPal, ServiceNow, and Jio. Swastik is passionate about working alongside customers and partners to deliver impactful results.

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