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The ultimate engagement tool - alternative to 7Taps

Delivering professional content to today’s workforce.

Bites’ simple video content creation and distribution makes it the #1 7Taps alternative for every business. Bites lets you build a strong channel for training employees and sharing the critical day-to-day information that keeps your business running, using the platforms your staff are already on

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Why choose Bites?

Bites meets employees on the platforms they’re already using, with social media-style professional content. 
Bites allows easily converting traditional training content into engaging, short-form videos with it’s integrated, intuitive video editor.


Unique social-media based content creation tool

Integration to any existing communication channel

Intuitive video editor

Employees don’t need to install a new app

AI features: auto subtitles, speech enhancement

User-generated content

Training completion rates



industry average

Employee experience

enjoyable and effective


It's time to supercharge your employees with Bites

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