Do you know what is happening on your retail floor?

For scaleable retail training across all employees and branches, Bites helps you tell your brand’s story and turns your staff into brand ambassadors.

  • Reach your retail floor associates at once, in all locations
  • Improve engagement to stop employee attrition
  • Have two-way communication with your frontline retail floor associates
  • Track and manage engagement in real-time – You can’t afford to wait for the monthly report

Make Bites your silver bullet.


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Retail & Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising

For unified display across branches simply share a Bite of how to set up a display.

Follow up with flashcards, quizzes and discussion to ensure that the message went through and validate it from the analytics dashboard.

Retail & Visual Merchandising

Key updates in real time

Reach all retail floor associates in a heartbeat. Use Bites to share time-sensitive content directly to employees’ messaging mobile apps, where they’re most attentive.

Retail & Visual Merchandising

Communicate in the language of NOW

A Bite can be a short, authentic TikTok/Instagram style video (or a more traditional ppt, picture or any other content). Content creation becomes simple, fast,engaging and cost-effective.

Retail & Visual Merchandising

A Bite can be about anything!

Anything from how to manage inventory, log a sale, close shop, new product update, company gathering, or anything else you may need to communicate. 

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