Make the admin process for new hires quick and easy

Admin for new hires doesn’t have to be a headache. Create a playlist of Bites for onboarding or sharing key policies with new hires. Answer questions and interact more closely with employees in the discussion section.

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Easily get new hires up to speed

Easily get new hires up to speed with a Bite for compliance. Demonstrate key processes such as clocking in and out, inventory management, or Covid-19 regulations.

You can measure progress and see who is yet to complete the training, and then follow up with a reminder or another Bite.

Bites for remote work

Professional notifications

Easily reach your whole workforce or specific groups with professional updates in real time. Create a Bite with a key notification, e.g. new regulations due to Covid-19, introducing new staff, share information about a new committee or charity event. A Bite can be about anything!

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