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Your LMS just isn’t cutting it.

It’s time to fill the holes left behind by your Learning Management System.

Unfortunately, traditional learning systems leave frontline employees unengaged, unprepared, and unsupported. Why? 👀

❌ They don’t absorb & retain hour-long learning modules
❌ They don’t always have access to a laptop
❌ They don’t like downloading an app/creating a login.

Your team needs something else. Something better.

Here’s how Bites fills those holes and sets your people up for success:

✅ Engage employees with (professional) content they’ll actually enjoy
✅ Share content via the mobile platforms your team is already using 
✅ Update staff on-the-go with a (super) easy content creation process

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Simple creation and distribution
Interactive, video based training units
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The ultimate microlearning tool

Join 250,000+ productive users

Why choose Bites?

Your employees spend their free time watching short-form, engaging, and authentic content. Why not train them the same way?

Bites allows you to easily create interactive training videos and then send them directly to your employees’ devices. The best part? The Bites analytics dashboard provides you with deep insights so you can quickly identify and fill any learning gaps.

With Bites, rest assured that your staff is better trained, more engaged, and fully prepared to thrive on the job.

Our proven methodology is used by thousands of companies across the globe, and the numbers speak for themselves: businesses that use Bites see a 90% engagement rate in employee learning.

Other training and communications tools

Fast content creation using a mobile phone

Send training units via any instant messaging platform

Track progress with comprehensive analytics dashboard

Consistent, high quality training across all teams and locations

Training completion rates



industry average

Employee experience

Engaging and enjoyable

Inaccessible and unapproachable

It's time to supercharge your employees with Bites

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