Your restaurant training program should be short, sweet, and effective. Only then can you expect to train your frontline employees faster so that they can perform from day one.

Here are 3 proven ways to train your frontline workforce quickly without fail.

1. Keep Your Training Content Short and to the Point

You need to keep your training concise and practical. That means your training content should also be short and to the point.You should not overwhelm your employees with vast amounts of information in one go. It may disrupt their regular workflows and hamper their productivity.Additionally, restaurant employees may find it challenging to balance work and life.So, there is no need to make their training tedious and bore your employees or make training difficult to follow. They are struggling as is.

You can keep your restaurant training content short by using the following tips:

  • Establish your learning objectives and determine what you want your employees to learn.
  • Find if there is existing content you can use to attain your learning outcomes.
  • If not, create precise content around the skill you want your workers to learn.
  • Focus on interactive content and visual methods like videos and animations. They engage the learner even if they have short attention spans.
  • Avoid any unnecessary information in your content, like introductions or statistics.
  • Deliver your content over channels your employees use, like messaging apps for quick learning.



2. Break Training Content into Smaller Chunks

Research shows the human attention span has been decreasing for quite some time now. Additionally, the decreasing attention span has made an impact on how we learn.
Be it corporate training or high school, educators are stressing on microlearning. It refers to breaking your content into smaller bites so that learners can easily digest the material.
Microlearning is also the right option if you have an extensive restaurant training program. It can go a long way to improving the retention of information and learning outcomes.

Best of all, research shows microlearning is suitable for supporting the development of skills. It could be the right tool to create a team of efficient frontline restaurant employees.

Below are a few tips to leverage microlearning for your employee training:

  • Be aware of your learning objectives so that you can create focused content.
  • Don’t include more than 1 – 2 takeaways or skills in one bite. It will help your employees learn faster and retain information longer.
  • Use images, videos, and visuals to engage learners. You may even go for microlearning applications and platforms to deliver training.
  • Create content that resembles social media to encourage learner participation.
  • Eliminate any unnecessary information or content.

Restaurant owners, healthcare professionals or manufacturing training managers can take advantage of eLearning materials to implement microlearning. You may also want to consider trends like mobile learning for the best learning outcomes.

Training Content strategy

3. Make Your Training Interactive

Research by Carnegie Mellon University found interactive ways to be 6-times more likely to enable students to learn. Other studies also show interactive learning improves academic performance rather than boring lectures or text.

Educators rely on several techniques to encourage interactivity, such as:

  • Student discussions
  • Giving feedback
  • Question and answer rounds
  • Virtual reality and artificial intelligence

Restaurant owners don’t need to invest money into developing extensive interactive materials. Instead, they should try to implement active learning to make their restaurant training program interactive.

Let’s say you just taught your employee to make the screwdriver cocktail. Don’t end your training just after teaching your worker how to make the drink. Make your learning more effective by:

  • Asking questions about the recipe
  • Encouraging them to taste their own drinks
  • Asking for ideas about similar cocktails they can make using the same ingredients
  • Share a picture of their drink

Entrepreneurs and managers can also rely on tools like Bites to make training interactive. They can create short videos using their mobiles to help employees learn essential skills.

Bites is also a learning platform and lets you leverage the latest learning trends. For example, you can create concise videos in social media style to implement microlearning.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of mobile learning and help your learners access your training anywhere. They can also learn at their pace and balance work and life to eliminate any stress.

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Are You Using the Right Training Strategies?

Frontline employees are an asset to almost any business. It makes sense to train them quickly and effectively. Your emloyees will be set up for success and you, as a business owner, will enjoy increased productivity and employee retention leading to an increase in revenues fast.